Please don't think that you have lost everything in losing your son ... I feel I have done something to be proud of, something perhaps that will aid America to remain "the land of the free, the home of the brave" If my death helps end this war one minute sooner, I consider it worthwhile. Millions all over the world are fighting for what they believe in and for those they love, and thousands are dying. It is not in vain!-From the letter of an Indiana Soldier (Adams County Gold Star Honor Roll, IWHC 1949).

Service banners became popular in WWI as a way to designate that a son was serving in the Inadams_Map.jpgmilitary. The number of blue stars indicated how many sons (or other immediate family) were currently serving. The blue stars were replaced with gold stars if one of them died or were killed while in service to our country. For a history of the Service Flag/Banner click here.

The Adams County, Indiana WWII Gold Star Honor Roll is an ongoing project of the History Topics Course at Bellmont High School in Decatur, Indiana. All information has been researched and compiled by Bellmont students through a variety of local, government, and internet sources. Surnames designated with an * have been researched. All others will be completed soon. For a complete list of Adams County WWII related deaths click here. Every effort has been made to include complete and accurate information.

Special thanks to our research partners:
Louise Wolpert of the Decatur-Adams County Public Library
Shana Neuenschwander of the Berne Library Heritage Room
and the Adams County Historical Museum

For a listing of additional resources, check out our resources page by clicking here.

If you have additional information that may be included in these profiles please feel free to contact the course sponsors:

Bryan Lineberry or Michelle Houser
Bellmont High School
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