Hubert Vaughn Glendening was born on October 26, 1917 in Geneva, Indiana. He was the son of Milo Bearl Glendening and Jessie Glendening (Stauffer) along with two brothers, William, born around 1916, and James, born in 1922. He attended Hartford High School in Hartford township. Hubert served in the United States Army as a First Lieutenant. His service code was 87 in the ORD or Ordnance Department where they would provide military stores for the army and militia.
Hubert served in the Southwest Pacific Theatre in the Philippine Islands. Different ordnance units from the U.S. Army cared for and repaired aircraft, had bomb disposal squads, and performed heavy field army maintenance. The Battle of the Philippines lasted from December 8, 1941 to May 8, 1942 where the United States forces fought with Filipino troops against Japan and lost the island. Fortunately the U.S. already had troops stationed in the Philippines, but after six months of fighting the Japanese, the U.S. gave up the island until attempting and retaking it in 1944. Glendening was taken to a prison camp in Luzon sometime toward the end of the Battle of the Philippines where he died in a Japanese prison camp on May 31, 1942.
Hubert Glendening was buried in the Camp O'Donnell Prisoner of War Cemetery in the Philippine Islands. Camp O' Donnell was not liberated until January 30, 1945 and only 83 survived of the original 2,047. All of the prisoners in Camp O' Donnell were in the Bataan Death March. Many of the Glendening4.jpgprisoners had no shelter and many died of disease, starvation, or torture.
Upon conclusion of the war, all of the men who had died at the camp(including Hubert), were disinterred and brought back to the U.S. where they were identified. Hubert's remains were returned to Geneva and buried at the Westlawn Cemetery in Geneva, Indiana.
For his service Glendening earned a WWII Victory Medal, a Prisoner of War Medal, a Philippine Defense Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, the American Defense Medal, and American Campaign Medal.

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