Jerome Geimer, born May 3, 1916 to Fred Geimer, manager of Steifel Grain company, was a graduate of Decatur Catholic High School. He married Justine Spangler, who resided in Decatur, Indiana at 108 South 3rd Street, and had one daughter, Margaret Ann Geimer. She died on February 12, 1942 just hours after birth. On July 15, 1942 Jerome Geimer joined the United States Army.

While serving Jerome was with General Patton's 3rd Army serving in France, right near the German border. He achieved the rank of Technical
Justine Spangler's graduation picture from Decatur Catholic High School
Sergeant but was later promoted on the battlefield to a Second Lieutenant. On November 8, 1944 Jerome was reported "Missing In Action" (MIA). On November 14, 1944 the war board announced him dead. He was killed in action while serving in France. Geimer is buried in the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial in Lorraine, France. He was attached to the 80th Division and was involved with the 317th regiment. The 80th division was activated on July 15, 1942 and
Jerome Geimer Marker (Courtesy of the Lorraine American Cemetery, Saint-Avold France)
had numerous campaigns, including Northern France, Rhineland, and Ardnnes-Alsace. They had 239 days of combat and became inactive on January 5, 1946. The 317th Regiment was first commanded by Colonel A. Donald Cameron in October of 1944. He was later replaced by Colonel Warfield M. Lewis.

Jerome was one of five children, three brothers and one sister, all of which served in the army as well. His sister worked out of Celine, Ohio. One of his brothers, Raymond Geimer, was a Sergeant in the Army and served in Germany. Aloysius, another brother, was a Technical Sergeant who served in England. Cornelius, his other brother, was also a Technical Sergeant and served in India. After Jerome was killed in action during the war and Cornelius was done with his service he returned home to Decatur Indiana. Cornelius then married the widowed Justine Spangler-Geimer, and had a son, Roger Geimer. Justine passed away on June 28, 1975.
Combat Infantryman Badge presented to Infantry soldiers who actively participated in combat.

Throughout his service in the war Jerome received multiple awards for his hard work and sacrifice. He received the Purple Heart award with Oak Leaf Cluster for his wounds and eventual death in battle, and the Combat Infantryman Badge. Jerome also earned the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, and WWII Victory Medal.

Information collected and researched by Trey Villagomez, 2014.

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