Dore Gallogly was born on May 25th 1923 to Lawrence Dewey Gallogly and Hazel Gallogly in Decatur, Indiana. He was the second oldest of five children, with one older sister (Name unknown), two younger brothers Lawrence "Bing" Gallogly and Stanley Gallogly, and one younger sister Betty. He lived with his family on Line Street in Decatur all the way until he joined the army.
Dore was a member of the First Evangelical Church of Decatur and graduated from Decatur High School attending from 1939-1942. Dore participated in Freshman Chorus in 1939, played football in 1940-1941, was in Commercial Club in 1940, and Howling Hosts from 1940-42. Before joining the army he worked at the General Electric plant and was semi-skilled in machine shop and related occupations.

Dore joined the army in February of 1943 after enlisting in Toledo, Ohio. He trained at Camp Swift, Texas and went overseas in September to receive frontline training in Ireland before going to France. During his service he was part of the Third Army in the 5th Division.

The 5th Division of the Third Army would land in Utah beach on July 9th 1944 and take defensive positions four days later in the vicinity of Caumont. The 5th Division would later be part of the driving force that invaded Germany from November ’44 to January of “45, which Dore took part in until he was killed. The 5th Division would gallogly2.jpglater participate in the Battle of The Bulge and help reduce the southern flank by January 1945. From February-March 1945 the division had helped crack through the Siegfried Line, and reached Volray and Vimpeck in the Czech Republic by the time the war in Europe had ended.

On December 1st 1944 Dore was reported wounded in action in the Saar Basin, Germany and died of his wounds on December 6th. His family was notified by the war department of his death on December 29th.

Dore was a Private First Class at the time of his death and his remains were eventually returned to the states to be buried in Decatur Cemetery in Decatur, Indiana.

For his service, PFC Gallogly was awarded the Purple Heart, American Campaign Medal, and the Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal.

Information researched and collected by Austin Grote, 2015.

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